Privacy Policy

“Absolute Results” means the Absolute Results Group of Companies and any entities and corporations, whether parent, subsidiaries, or affiliates making part of the “Absolute Results” group of entities and their respective shareholders, directors and officers (collectively, the “company” or “AR Group”).

1. Overview

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2. Purpose

This privacy Policy covers our treatment of information that we gather when you are accessing or using our Websites or Services or when you contact us in any manner. We gather various types of information, including information that identifies you as an individual (“Personal Data”) from our users, as explained in more detail below.

3. Scope

The Privacy Policy covers the Personal Data Absolute Results processes as a Data Controller and the Personal Data Absolute Results processes as a Data Processor. This Personal Data includes Employees’ Personal Data processed for work related purposes, as well as Business Client’s Personal Data processed for business related purposes. When acting as a Data Processor, this may also cover any other type of Personal Data as requested by the Data Controller.

The Privacy Policy applies to all Absolute Results companies and offices that process Covered Personal Data as Data Controllers or as Data Processors. The Privacy Policy reflects EU Law and the national data protection laws of the European Economic Area (EEA) countries. Where other country specific rules apply to Covered Personal Data, Absolute Results will apply these rules in addition to the Privacy Policy.

4. Data Protection and Privacy

As a company operating globally, we strive to be in compliance in all areas of operation. We collect and protect data in accordance with: the Canadian Standards Association guidelines for Personal Data protection, Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL), The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), the US Federal Trade Commission Act, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act 15 U.S.C. §6801, US Federal Absolute Results Policy – Privacy Policy V190212 law, including the Electronic Government (E-GOV) Act of 2002 and the Privacy Act of 1974 and later revisions by the Computer Matching and Privacy Protection Act of 1988, P.L. 100-503, the 2017 Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) from Schedule 1 of the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012 and Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Act 2017, the New Zealand Privacy Act 1993 (Nbr28) including current revisions, the European Parliament and Council of the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) and many other country specific laws and regulations.

To ensure effectiveness, Absolute Results has a comprehensive privacy compliance program that ensures our policies, procedures, practices and security measures are adequately complied with by our employees and representatives throughout our organization. In addition, we have established and implemented:

  • Global privacy and information protection regime
  • Privacy-by-design, built into all data management processes
  • Dedicated Data Protection Officer
  • Privacy and security awareness training
  • Account specific privacy and security processes
  • Monitoring of compliance and regulatory privacy requirements
  • Monitoring of contractual privacy requirements
  • Global Critical Incident Response policy and plan
  • Binding Corporate Rules for Data Controller and Data Processor roles

The Absolute Results Data Privacy Policy articulates the principles governing the processing of Personal Data for the group. Compliance is mandatory for all Absolute Results companies and employees collecting or processing Personal Data whether acting as a Data Controller or Data Processor.

5. Privacy by Design

Absolute Results uses and provides Services through a secure multi-tenant cloud computing platform and on-premise systems designed using hardened redundant systems and industry standard principles of secure computing, storage, intrusion detection, prevention and external testing.

The Services operate on premise and within a global secure private cloud infrastructure. A secure multi-layer firewalled architecture restricts access to data solely to business layer APIs and a rigid separation of internal and production systems to protect customer data is enforced by design. Data in transport is secured using SSL and TLS 1.2 or hirer, AES256 is used for data at rest and secured encrypted data is managed using sha512 hashing and pbkdf2 to generate AES encryption. Personal Data retained for research, profiling and predictive analysis is stored in an encrypted and anonymized or pseudo anonymized format.

6. Accountability

Primary responsibility for data protection lies with the company and the company has put in place a data privacy governance structure with a designated Data Protection Officer (“DPO”) to oversee the privacy compliance program and Data Subject Right Requests. Our Data Protection Officer is:

Mr. Josh Heppner, he may be contacted by email at:

Or by postal mail to our main office address:

Absolute Results
Attn: Data Protection Officer
104 – 2677 192nd Street
Surrey, BC, V3Z 3X1, Canada

7. Policy

7.1. Collect Process Personal Data in a Fair and Lawful Manner

Absolute Results collects and processes Personal Data in a fair, transparent and lawful manner in compliance with Applicable Law and the Data Controllers instructions where applicable.

When acting as a Data Processor, Absolute Results will assist the Data Controller in doing the same.

This includes respecting the Data Subject’s rights by updating, correcting or deleting the Personal Data accordingly so that it is accurate and where necessary kept up-to-date in accordance with applicable procedures.

7.2. Why We Collect and Use Personal Data

7.2.1. Collecting Personal Data

Collecting Personal Data about you is essential to our being able to provide the Services that best meet the needs of both yourself and/or authorized third parties (“Client”). While the Personal Data we collect may come directly from you (client), it may also be collected and/or aggregated through the use of automated means, or provided by our affiliates or other third parties.

7.2.2 Personal Data May be Used:

  1. to determine eligibility for products and Services;
  2. to process applications for Clients, and provide requested information, products or Services;
  3. to understand and assess Clients’ ongoing needs and offer Services to meet those needs;
  4. for billing and accounting services relating to our Services:
  5. for Client communication, service and administration;
  6. for claims administration;
  7. for internal, external and regulatory audit purposes;
  8. to comply with legal and regulatory requirements; or
  9. to share or exchange reports and information with credit reporting agencies, credit bureaus,
  10. and any other person, corporation, firm or enterprise to verify the accuracy of Personal Data.

7.2.3. Other Use of Personal Data

Personal Data may also be used for other purposes, subject to obtaining your prior consent for such use.

7.3. Consent to Use Personal Data

7.3.1. Obtaining Consent

Consent may be obtained in various ways. We may obtain your express consent or may determine that consent has been implied by the circumstances. Express consent could be in writing (for example in a signed consent, e-mail or application form), or verbally in person or over the telephone. When we receive Personal Data from you that enables us to provide you with a requested product or Services, your consent to allow us to deal with that Personal Data in a reasonable manner would be implied. If you need to provide Personal Data about other individuals (such as customers, employees, dependents, etc.), you must first obtain their consent
for these purposes prior to your disclosure to us.

7.3.2. Provision of Personal Data – Your Choice

Providing us with your Personal Data is always your choice. When you request Services from us, we ask that you provide information that enables us to respond to your request. In doing so, you consent to our collection, use and disclosure to appropriate third parties of such Personal Data for these purposes. You also authorize us to use and retain this Personal Data for as long as it may be required for the purposes described above. Your consent remains valid even after the termination of our relationship with you, unless you provide us with written notice that such consent is withdrawn. By withdrawing your consent, or not providing it in the first place, you may limit or even prevent us from being able to provide you or an authorized third party (such as an employer) with the Services desired.

7.3.3. Legal Exceptions

In certain circumstances, there are legal exceptions where we will not need to obtain consent or explain the purposes for the collection, use or disclosure of Personal Data. For example, this exception would apply if there is an emergency that threatens the life, health or security of an individual, or if we must comply with a court order.

7.4. Sharing Personal Data with Others

7.4.1. We are not in the business of selling client lists or Personal Data to others. In providing our Services, we may need to disclose the Personal Data we collect to affiliates, subsidiaries, successors and other service providers or agents who perform various functions for us.

7.4.2. As Absolute Results continues to develop and grow, we may buy or sell parts of a business. As our businesses consist primarily of client relationships, information regarding the particular accounts or Services being purchased or sold could include Personal Data and be one of the transferred business assets.

7.4.3. In certain circumstances, we may be required to provide Personal Data to third parties for legal or regulatory purposes.

7.4.4. We may also use this Personal Data to assess your future needs and to offer the Services that may best meet those needs, from ourselves, our affiliates or reputable organizations selected by us. If you do not wish to receive these offers or such information, please contact our Data Protection Officer as outlined above, in the contact information section.

7.5. International Transfers of Your Personal Data

As a global organization, with offices and clients in multiple countries, Absolute Results Group of Companies needs to ensure that Personal Data flows freely and securely between Absolute Results offices with an appropriate and consistent level of protection.

In order for Absolute Results to operate effectively and provide a full range of Services for our clients, at the client’s direction or providing there is a legitimate need, client Personal Data may be transferred, processed and stored at Absolute Results offices and data centres outside of the EEA.

Absolute Results has established Binding Corporate Rules (collectively referred to as the “BCRs”) that have been adopted to express Absolute Results commitment to establishing and maintaining high standards across the Group for the transfer and processing of Personal Data by the Absolute Results Companies.

The BCRs are designed to cover the flow of Personal Data transferred within Absolute Results, including to countries located outside the EEA, for the processing purposes described in this document, so as to facilitate a free and secured flow of Personal Data between the Absolute Results Companies. The BCRs cover the Personal Data processes as a Data Controller and the Personal Data processes as a Data Processor.

If Absolute Results has received your Personal Data and subsequently transfers that information to another Absolute Results company or sub processor for processing, Absolute Results shall remain responsible for ensuring that your Personal Data is processed to the standard required by our BCRS and Data Security and Protection Policies.

7.6. Processing Personal Data Securely

When processing Personal Data, the company uses processes and tools that integrate privacy from their inception (privacy-by-design) and performs privacy impact assessments as required by Applicable Law. As a general rule and unless otherwise requested by the client, Absolute Results applies the same level of security to Personal Data it processes as a Data Processor and Personal Data it processes as a Data Controller. Absolute Results applies and maintains appropriate technical, physical, and organizational measures to protect Personal Data, and follows industry practices and standards in adopting procedures and implementing systems designed to prevent unauthorized access to Personal Data and to avoid its accidental
loss, damage or destruction.

When acting as a Data Processor, Absolute Results complies with the security and organizational measures which at least meet the requirements of the Data Controller’s Applicable Law and the provisions of the Service Agreement. Absolute Results shall promptly inform the Data Controller of any Security Breach and shall ensure that its Processors are bound by equivalent obligations.

7.7. Your Rights

7.7.1. Your principal rights under data protection law are:

(a) the right to access;
(b) the right to rectification;
(c) the right to erasure;
(d) the right to restrict processing;
(e) the right to object to processing;
(f) the right to data portability;
(g) the right to complain to a supervisory authority; and
(h) the right to withdraw consent.

7.7.2. As part of these Rights, Absolute Results has adopted the following ten principles for the Protection of Personal Data.

  1. Individual’s Access: On written request to our Data Protection Officer, an individual will be informed of the existence, use and disclosure of their Personal Data that is under our control, and may be given access to that Personal Data as required and permitted by applicable law.
  2. Accuracy: We shall keep Personal Data as accurate, complete and up-to-date as may be necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it is to be used. Individuals are entitled to challenge the accuracy and completeness of that Personal Data and request that it be amended, if appropriate.
  3. The Right to be forgotten: In some circumstances you have the right to the erasure of your Personal Data without undue delay. However, there are exclusions of the right to erasure. The general exclusions include where processing is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation or for the establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims.
  4. Limiting Use, Disclosure and Retention: Personal Data shall only be used or disclosed for the purposes for which it was collected, unless an individual has otherwise consented or when it is required or permitted by law. Personal Data shall be retained only as long as necessary for the fulfillment of those purposes.
  5. Limiting Collection: The Personal Data Absolute Results collects shall be limited only to that which is necessary for the purposes identified.
  6. Identifying Purposes: The purposes for which Personal Data is collected shall be identified before or at the time the Personal Data is collected.
  7. Consent: Individual’s consent will be obtained for the collection, use or disclosure of Personal Data, except where applicable law provides an exemption.
  8. Accountability: Absolute Results is responsible for maintaining and protecting the Personal Data under its control and shall designate one or more individuals to be accountable for that company’s compliance with these principles.
  9. Safeguards: Absolute Results shall protect Personal Data using security safeguards that are appropriate to the sensitivity level of the Personal Data received.
  10. Openness: Absolute Results will provide information to individuals about Absolute Results policies and procedures relating to the management of Personal Data that is under our control.
  11. Handling Enquiries or Complaints: Any questions or enquiries concerning compliance with our privacy policies and procedures may be addressed to our Data Protection Officer, as set out above.

7.8. Privacy and the Internet

Absolute Results Web Sites may contain links to other third-party sites that are not governed by this Privacy Policy. Although we endeavor to link only to sites with high privacy standards, our Privacy Policy will no longer apply once you leave our Web Sites. We are not responsible for privacy policies employed by other third parties or any foreign affiliates, since they would be governed by privacy legislation applicable in their country of residence. We suggest, you exercise caution and you examine the privacy statements of those sites to learn how Personal Data may be collected, used and/or disclosed

7.9. Minors and Children

Protecting the privacy of young children is especially important. Our Web Sites and Services are not directed to children under the age of 18, and we do not knowingly collect Personal Data from children under the age of 18 without obtaining parental consent. If you are under 18 years of age, then please do not use the Web Sites or access the Services at any time or in any manner. If we learn that Personal Data has been collected on the Services from persons under 18 years of age and without verifiable parental consent, then we will take the appropriate steps to delete this information. If you are a parent or guardian and discover that your child under 18 years of age has submitted Personal Data on our Web Sites or accessed the Services, then you may alert us at and request that we delete that child’s Personal Data from our systems.

The Services are not intended to be used by minors. To the extent that a minor has posted such content on the Services, the minor has the right to have this content deleted or removed using the deletion or removal options detailed in this Privacy Policy. Please be aware that, although we offer this deletion capability, the removal of content may not ensure complete or comprehensive removal of that content or information.

7.10. How We Use Cookie

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7.11. Changes and Updates

Please revisit this page periodically to stay aware of any changes to this Policy, which we may update from time to time. If we modify the Policy, we will make it available through the Services, and indicate the date of the latest revision and will comply with applicable law. Your continued use of the Services after the revised Policy has become effective indicates that you have read, understood and agreed to the current version of the Privacy Policy.