Exciting Drive AI news to share with you

I wanted to take a moment and share some exciting news with you.

Over the past few years our Drive product has gained tremendous traction. Last year was particularly significant as we launched Drive AI, a brand new version of the platform, and we had our most successful year adding new dealers in every province. 

Market response to our new Drive AI product, combined with the many opportunities we see for the platform, has given us the confidence that now is the perfect time to double down. We are adding even more dedicated resources to grow and innovate; all with the vision of creating the best suite of customer portfolio management tools Canadian dealers have ever seen.

Today it’s my pleasure to announce that we have separated the Drive AI product from Absolute Results, into a newly formed company called Unleashd Technologies Ltd. 

For valued clients like yourself, very little will change operationally. The company ownership remains the same and the 30+ team members dedicated to the Drive AI business have already transitioned from Absolute Results to Unleashd. We have many new and exciting developments that our Unleashd team will share with you this year and we think you’re really going to love what’s in store. 

Absolute Results will continue to provide its best-in-class training and sales events while Unleashd will focus on developing innovative technology to help dealers maximize the value of their customer portfolio.

I wanted to personally share this news with you and thank you for the ongoing opportunity to add value to your dealership.


Jeff Williams
Absolute Results and Unleashd Technologies