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Absolute Drive

How to Build a Quote

Click on the customer profile.

Click the desired vehicle.

Clicking on Build Upgrade will take you to your inventory page.

On the inventory page, search for the vehicle that you would like to pick and click on the Blue Search Button.
Vehicles are displayed in order of days in stock.

Next, select the vehicle and click on Build a Quote.
This will create a pop-up window.

On the Pop-Up window, click Build when you are ready to proceed.
After you review the summary, click on either Print Summary or Email Summary.

After you click Build, a new window will show you the upgrade summary for your customer.
Drive will not calculate equity for service only customers since we do not know how much the customer still owes on their current vehicle.

If the customer purchased from your dealership then Drive will incorporate applicable factory programs as well as the associated trade-in value for the customer’s current vehicle.
All negative or positive equity has been applied.

On the pop-up window, click Download Summary.

You now have a printable offer for your customer.