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What the Customer Profile Can Show you

Click on the customer’s profile you wish to view.

On the customer’s profile page, you will be able to review all of the information associated with that person.
Below is an example of what a customer’s profile page looks like.

The Profile Page first displays the customer’s contact information.

On the left side of the screen, we can see all of the Vehicles that the customer has owned.
In this example the 2005 Mazda3 is in Red because the customer no longer owns that vehicle. The 2009 Honda Pilot is Black because the customer still owns that model.

Below the Vehicles, you will be able to review the History. This section displays any past information about the customer.

The below example illustrates that the customer has received marketing, but has not opened an email or logged into into Drive. They have also not had recent service at the dealership.

Click on Alerts & Appts to view any upcoming appointments or click Customer Update which displays any actions that the customer has taken.

To view the last 90 days of offers that Drive has built for the customer click on their current vehicle. Then click on the lock icon so that it is locked. Under Marketing click Program. You are now able to view the last 90 days of offers sorted by communication date that have been built by Drive.

Click on the latest offer it will expand to show you the options which Drive has built.

On the top left there are 4 icons:
Email allows you to email the offer to the customer.
Print allows you to print the offer.
Build will take you to the inventory page so that you can build a new quote.
Present will take you to the summary page.
For more information regarding Building a quote or the Summary page please see How to Build a Quote.

The top of the offer displays the upgrade vehicle as well as its stock number and model details such as trim, engine type and transmission.

Below that you will be able to review the payment either with or without a trade-in, as well as the terms of the offer.

To view more click “Desk Summary Details”. Please see Desk Summary Details for more information.