Dealer Communications Package

Absolute Results

Your customer database is your greatest asset, and NOW is a perfect time to build some goodwill. Your customers need to hear from you! Communicate your desire to help your customers. Build goodwill and be available NOW when your customers really need you. And yes, you will sell cars. 

Analyze your Database and CRM then segment into groups of customers: Lease Maturities | Warranty Expiring | Non-Prime | Finance Maturities | Equity

Match a group of customers with a “helpful” marketing message and deploy the message by email and/or print.

Absolute Results Communications Center makes live follow up calls:
Goodwill Conversation | Update Information | Offer a Virtual Review of their options

Customers who would like a Review of their Options are contacted by an Absolute Results trainer for a 20 min “Options Conversation”.

The Remote Trainer creates an electronic deal file, sends it to the dealer and does a “Virtual Turn Over” to the Sales Manager.

500 Customers Contacted Per Week
(Digital Contact & Live Call)

Only $1,995 per week
Goal: 20 Virtual Turn Overs with Electronic Deal File & 10 Confirmed Appointments

Absolute Results


Helping dealers sell cars today and tomorrow.