Sales Leadership Series – Thinking Right (part 1)

Jeff Williams

This video is for Absolute Results trainers who last year lead Sales Leadership Workshops and who Facilitate World Class Events in over 2000 dealership in 19 countries. Trainers, you confirm more than 300,000 appointments and you personally interact with more than 160,000 customers and help to facilitate 95,000 car deals in showrooms each year.

So I need all of you to eat, breath, drink and sleep the principals and best practices of Sales Leadership. That’s the purpose of this 5 part mini-series.

Today we’re going to define fundamentally what it means for a Sales Leader to Think Right.

Thinking Right in the retail car business means that as a Sales Leader, we need to start by Defining Reality, so that we can be very clear as to our priorities every day.

As a matter of fact defining reality is core to every leader in every vertical…faith leaders, business leaders, social leaders, political leaders…its where every organization get its “why”…people won’t follow a leader who can’t clearly define reality

Let’s start with our Defining Reality as an Absolute Results Trainer or even as a Sales Manager

Would it be safe to say that our primary goal is to grow sales…period…we can even apply the “Keep Your Job” test to that…if we grow sales as a Sales Manager or Trainer, we keep our job, if we don’t grow sales, we “likely won’t”.

Now, lets break down the goal of growing sales to the most basic factors…would we all agree that there are only 2 ways to grow our sales, only two…either we create more opportunities for our team to sell cars – more prospects, traffic, appointments, or we do a better job converting the customers they do interact, with on a daily basis….its the opportunity challenge and the conversion challenge, two things that our core success revolves around…period…that’s it that’s our reality and that’s every sales team’s reality.

Now if we are honest with ourselves, we all know that appointments are undoubtedly the best kind of opportunities, and appointments every day give us quality opportunities every day – so that’s the solution to our Opportunity Challenge.

…and we also know that the key to consistent conversion isn’t based on a write up technique or a pricing model, or desking process, it’s all about delivering a high value customer experience, one that allows our team to engage a customer mentally & emotionally, that allows us to build value, and then present ownership options in a way that makes sense to our customers, that’s the fundamental solution to the Conversion Challenge.

So the reality of a Sales Leader today, is that their success is based on the ability of their team to create an appointment culture, and when those customers arrive, to deliver a high value customer experience.

Trainers that is our why…everything you do in our Sales Leadership training, our World Class Events, revolves around creating the Appointment Culture – solving the opportunity challenge, and  Delivering a High Value Customer Experience, solving the conversion challenge

All of our IP is about the two things, for example:

Our 3 selling skills…teaches sales professionals to engage in intelligent conversations, which is the framework to make appointments

Our 4 selling skills…teaches a pathway for sales professionals to follow with every customer, so they have the opportunity to deliver a high value customer experience 

And team, All of our technology, the iPad app, Absolute Drive, the CRP, our Intelligent Conquest…they’re all tools are focused on those 2 core activities

Trainers, I want you today to take 20 minutes and connect some dots between the Appointment Culture and Delivering a High Value Customer Experience…list 5 ways that the two activities are connected or related to each other, and how they enhance each other.

And then Trainers, ask yourself this question…assuming a sales team (from the lot attendant to the Dealer Principal) was average at every thing else…marketing, managing inventory, facilities, running to’s to the business office…everything in Sales Operations they were average at, not good, not bad, but average, but then they focused and became the best at living the Appointment Cultyre …what would happen to their business?

Wow…team, when you think this way, you are thinking right as a Sales Leaders.

My friends, there’s a leadership void to fill in the retail car business and it starts with Thinking Right…

Thinking Right, Working Hard, and Being a Good Person…that’s Sales Leadership…

Now let’s apply these principles and let’s lead well…

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Jeff Williams


Jeff Williams is the CEO of Absolute Results and has dedicated the last 20+ years to helping dealerships, OEM’s, and sales people across the globe rethink how they sell cars. His three greatest passions are his family, his business, and his charity work.

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