Sales Leadership Series – Working Hard (Part 2)

Jeff Williams

Hello Trainers, last year you led Sales Leadership Workshops and facilitated World Class Events in over 2,000 dealership in 19 countries. You confirmed more than 300,000 appointments and you personally interacted with more than 160,000 customers and help to facilitate 95,000 car deals.

So I need all of you to eat, breath, drink and sleep the principals and the best practices of Sales Leadership. That’s the purpose of this 5 part mini-series.

Today we’re going to talk about second pillar of Sales Leadership – Working Hard, and we’ll focus on the first Operational Priority – the Appointment Culture.

Trainers, in the last lesson, we discussed how creating an Appointment Culture is the first Operational Priority, and I shared two reasons why…

Firstly, an Appointment Culture gives us the opportunity to create Intentional Success, rather than to wait and hope for Accidental Success. This ties into our conversation last conference about Digital Leakage. Truly 70% of a dealer’s “new opportunities” have been now coming in digitally to the dealership…and today, right now, during this pandemic, it’s 90% or more and it could stay that way.

An appointment is the bridge between the digital showroom and the physical showroom.

The second reason I shared, is that when we have an appointment, we can be prepared for the customer…we can check their service history, pre-appraise their trade, have a vehicle picked out to show them (full of gas, clean, with an options list to review). We can ensure they meet the Sales Manager, and have a handful of good questions to ask them and options ready to share with them…now that’s truly being prepared to deliver a high- value Customer Experience

Trainers, let me share 2 more reasons with you:

First, think of the frustration of a new sales professional, who’s been in the business, 30, 60 days, and they’re told to wait for his or her turn to help a customer. Firstly, they’re nervous, scared about failing, and quite frankly also about meeting a stranger…someone they don’t know.

Imagine that sales pro had been through your training on the 3 Selling Skills. So they knew how to have an Intelligent Conversation™ with a prospect or a previous customer on the phone…and imagine that they had taken one hour the night before to make some calls to some orphan customers and they had even average success…just two appointments for today. But these appointments now are with customers they’ve already virtually met…what do you think their success would be today?

Trainers, right now…pause this video for five minutes and write down the names of 10 Sales Professionals that you can say for certain you impacted and helped give them the skills to win in the car business…

When a sales pro can pick up the phone, engage four or five customers in a conversation and make an appointment…they can create their own success. Team to this day it floors me that dealership showrooms around the world are still full of sales pros who aren’t comfortable picking the phone and connecting with five to 10 customers a day…I promise you, with no disrespect, those days are over…these old pros need to learn to be a goodwill ambassador, call a customer, make appointments and win…or they can just leave the business. And it’s OK, because calling customer is a noble thing…and there is no shortage of people who recognize that and who are willing to make those calls and earn a good middle class income in the process. They just need you to show them how.

So if a dealer, wants to minimize Sales Professional turn over…an Appointment Culture is a big part of the answer because they’ll have a proactive sales team equipped to create their own daily appointments and their own success.

Next, let’s talk about something that dealers dearly need and that you are all experts in. Sales Momentum…as I shared in an earlier email there’s a very real emotional element to selling a car. How many times have you had a sales pro talk about the “rush” of making a deal? Often that excitement and energy carries them for days. Think of the rush of a sales pro selling three cars in a day – a hat trick…and you, trainers helped 13,317 sales pros hat trick last year!!!

Now we don’t need to be psychologists or mathematicians to know that when we have a burst of appointments, we will have a burst of deals, so we might say that “appointment making activity” creates “deal making energy”. That’s why so many dealers and OEM’s talk about the importance of a dealer getting a “Fast Start” every month. Which means helping the dealer, hit close to half their monthly sales goal early in the month.

So what is the secret to getting Sales Momentum when it matters the most…early in the month? It’s a blitz of Appointments, and that’s exactly what you do at our Appointment Driven Events.

Trainers, you have heard me say that, “Momentum is like a freight train…when there is no momentum, it’s like a big rusty train, wheels frozen to the rails…and take a lot of energy to get it moving…” and if that energy, that Sales Momentum, doesn’t arrive until the 3rd week of the month, there is no way the dealer will hit its targets…but for dealers who have an Appointment Culture and every day their team is making appointments. Every day they are making deals, it only takes a little more effort to get that extra momentum.

Trainers after this video, I want you to take 10 minutes and draw a month at a glance calendar on a piece of paper with 30 boxes and then put stars on the days of the month that you think are most important for a dealer to get a boost of Appointments and Sales Momentum.

Yes, Appointment Culture is key to maximizing digital opportunities. And it’s key to delivering a high-value customer experience. But it’s also key to reducing showroom turn over, and it’s key to sales momentum. That’s why working on an Appointment Culture first is truly Working Hard as a Sales Leader.

Thinking Right, Working Hard, and Being a Good Person…that’s Sales Leadership…

Now let’s apply these principles and let’s lead well…

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Jeff Williams


Jeff Williams is the CEO of Absolute Results and has dedicated the last 20+ years to helping dealerships, OEM’s, and sales people across the globe rethink how they sell cars. His three greatest passions are his family, his business, and his charity work.

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