March 22, 2017

Absolute Results Comments on the recent W5 “Let’s Make a Deal” News Story

W5 recently conducted an investigation of 20 new car dealers in the Calgary market pertaining to advertising practices, and fees that the dealers charge. They employed mystery shoppers with hidden cameras. One of these dealerships, was hosting a Private Sale Event with an Absolute Results trainer.

While the new reporters have edited their footage to support their story and put the dealers in a negative light. We want to take this opportunity to communicate our policies, and affirm our commitment to clear and integrous customer communication as we support hundreds of Canadian franchised auto dealerships each month.

Absolute Results has always respected licensing requirements, so please be assured, all Absolute Results trainers working at dealership’s in Alberta are AMVIC certified and are registered with AMVIC for every event and as such pay licensing fees for each event. Additionally, all Absolute Results trainers working in Ontario are registered with OMVIC, and trainers working in BC are registered with VSA.

During our events, if questioned by a customer, Absolute Results trainers are instructed to represent themselves as working for an affiliated company, helping the dealership host the event. They are not to represent themselves as working for any auto manufacturer, even if the auto manufacturer sponsors or contributes financially to the cost of the event.

Often a sponsoring OEM will provide special consumer cash or consumer loyalty incentives to enhance the dealership’s event offer to the consumers. In these situations, Absolute Results trainers are instructed to share with customers that the dealerships has received special funds to enhance the event offers. This is to create real urgency and to build the loyalty between the consumer, the dealership and the OEM.

We strive to ensure our process is above reproach and any trainer who does not follow these guidelines will be disciplined, as the integrity of our Private Sale events is integral to our shared success.

We look forward to helping Canadian auto dealers grow their sales in the upcoming Spring market, and in the years to come.