3 Keys to the Reset

Learn how to Pivot Your Retail Sales Operation Toward an Appointment Culture.

March 1, 2020 Was 100 Years Ago

Every aspect of the automotive industry has been under intense pressure to change for over a decade and much of the industry has resisted change. Now, all the forces of change have been drastically accelerated by the current pandemic. As leaders, we need to boldly frame these changes in order to pivot our businesses successfully into our post pandemic world.


Re-Hire Your Sales Team

What are the skills needed for a Sales Professional to adapt and thrive in the new post-pandemic reality?


Reach Every Customer

Virtually every customer in your database has just experienced a Big Life Change as a result of the pandemic.


Operate In A 7-Day Month

The pressure of the 30-day year creates a month with a unique weekly rhythm.

Loaded with Strategies to Build an Appointment Culture in Your Dealership

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The Power Of A What’s Changed? Conversation

The What’s Changed? Conversation, not only builds trust, it gives you the opportunity to determine whether due to recent changes, a different vehicle may better meet your customers needs, or might solve a problem for your customer.

Re-Thinking Your Sales And Marketing Strategies

When we are so busy serving yesterday and today’s business, it’s too easy to forget that every marketing message is a conversation. Our future success must be based on creating appointments every day and our current portfolio customers contain our best appointment opportunities.

The Goodwill Message

It starts with a helping message. You will be surprised how positively the customer will react, as they are accustomed to their dealer calling them with a selling agenda, not a helping agenda.

Jeff Williams

About Jeff Williams

Jeff Williams is the President & CEO of the Absolute Results Group of Companies. Jeff has dedicated the last 20 years to helping dealerships, OEM’s, and sales people rethink how they sell cars. He created the Appointment Driven Private Sale Event and believes it’s one of the best ways to increase vehicle sales. Jeff personally travels each month helping auto dealers and manufacturers strategically plan marketing campaigns and sale events that drive dealership sales activity. Jeff’s three greatest passions are his four children, his business, and his charity work.

Do you still love the car business like the day you sold your first car?

Dive into three practical steps that you can take to prepare your team for the new reality, the reset or re-start of our businesses.

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